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Marion Jones pleads guilty to doping deception

“Track star Marion Jones pleaded guilty Friday to lying to a federal investigator about taking banned substances”, writes CNN.

The problem with removing her medals from Sydney’s Olympics, is that the person who will receive her gold medal is Thanou, of Greece. A person, who in my completely personal and unproven opinion, took the THG too at the time.

Get a DELL, dude…

So there was this guy at a camcorder forum, asking what he can do to use his 24p HV20 footage with iMovie HD on the Mac. Well, bad luck, iMovie does not support 24p timelines, and even worse, not even Final Cut Express HD does. To get 24p editing support on the Mac you have to either pay $1200 for Final Cut Studio or $1600 for Adobe After Effects/Premiere CS3.

So, I gave him the following advice: go buy a Dell PC, as I was able to configure a powerful video editing station right now for $520 (without a monitor), and then buy Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 Platinum for another $100 in the open market.

So basically, for almost HALF the price of what you would pay on the Mac to have access to 24p editing, you get a dedicated video station with the right software.

Ok look, I like the Mac, but this is just sad. Hopefully Apple will add 24p support on the next Final Cut Express HD.

720p video from a digicam

I tested the Kodak Z1275 digicam tonight, which has the unique ability to record 720/30p video. Video comes out ok, although there is no image stabilization, autofocus when zooming in/out is problematic, and the on board microphone is not good. But as long as you use a tripod, you are interested in sceneries with background music and no voice, and you don’t zoom too much, it can substitute for a camcorder (it records 15 mins of HD video on a 1 GB SD card — that bitrate could have been better too).

720p scaled down to 480×270

I also posted a review of Cineform’s NeoHD over at FreshDV.