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Regarding the Zune 2

I like it. Its touch-sensitive control will produce a similar browsing feeling like the new iPod Touch. It seems to be a worthy product and especially for me, the addition of the 3.2″ screen, MP4 and h.264 could make it a worthwhile purchase if I ever decide to actually buy an mp3/video player for my media collection. It’s also nice how the old Zune will get all the software features that the Zune 2 has too. The only thing I didn’t like, was that the Flash-based Zunes only have a 1.8″ screen, which is basically useless for video (the iPod Nano has 2″).

But the question remains. Did they fix ANY of the problems I had with the Zune 1?

Watch IP

IP is a sci-fi short movie, shot with the Canon HV20.

The guy that I would never marry

There is this guy, right? He lives in one of the apartments in our complex. And he daily gets to his balcony, and starts talking to his buddies on the cellphone, loudly. About this chick, and the other chick, and whatever other bullshit. And he laughs, and he blurbs all day.

I wonder. Doesn’t this guy ever work? And how can he afford to talk on the cell all day? And does he have to share his sex life with us?

If he has such needs, he could get a blog at least, like I do. I don’t force anyone to read it, while he is forcing us to listen to him, we like it or not.