Drist’s two albums

After 2 weeks of having ordered the two Drist CDs from CDBaby, I finally got them. Apparently the package was waiting for me for over a week at the main apartment building office. The post office employee never bothered to either knock my door to deliver the package, or even leave a paper to say where the package was… Today, I decided to go and ask the main office, and voila, two packages were waiting there. One from CDBaby with the 2 CDs in it, and one from India with a hardware h.264 encoder dongle in it (they sent it to me for a review).

So, I heard both albums this afternoon in their entirety (I only had heard a part of them so far at YouTube and Drist’s own myspace site). My favorite is their second album, “Orchids and Ammunition” (iTunes). I pretty much like all the songs in it. The first album “Bitter Halo” (iTunes) is also good, it has at least 4 great songs in it, but maybe it is a bit too “metal” for me. The second one is more melodic, more catchy. I like catchy…

Can’t wait for their 3rd album. šŸ™‚

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