Apple already sick of the cellphone industry?

I haven’t been privy to the private conversations of Steve Jobs, but listening to his keynote the other day, it’s difficult not to pick up on at least some antipathy the man seems to hold towards the entire mobile phone industry”, writes Crunchgear.

Well, is it possible to actually like the cellphone industry? I think not, especially in the US. I hope that Apple introduces its own VoIP service (to be used with the iPod Touch and unlocked iPhones) after they get that 5% in the cellphone industry, and then the ONLY customization they should accept to do for the carriers is to leave on or remove that VoIP engine. For everything else, they should not be dictated by anyone what and how to do things. If the carriers don’t like it, let them not use Apple’s phones.

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Adam S wrote on September 9th, 2007 at 7:06 PM PST:

I absolutely hate the cell phone industry in the US. However, I am *loving* the iPhone!!

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