Apple faces new class-action suit over locked iPhones

Apple Inc. is facing yet another class-action lawsuit over its iPhone, this time from a New York State resident who claims the company failed to adequately disclose to consumers that the handset is locked to AT&T’s network and that using the device internationally would result in substantial data roaming chargeswrites AppleInsider.

I don’t think that Apple failed to adequately disclose to consumers that the handset is locked to AT&T’s network. You can’t even buy an iPhone without getting an AT&T contract, let alone that the relationship between the two companies was known from the beginning. This lawsuit does not hold ground in my opinion.

However, I hate locked phones as much as the next guy. I never buy or agree to review locked phones. I guess, that’s my own version of “software freedom”.

I also read recently that AT&T lawyers stopped the release of unlocked iPhones, which is sad. They should not have the right to do that. The DMCA was modified a few years back to allow these kinds of hacks, although of course nothing is black and white. Hopefully, the hacks would at least be released as software patches so users can decide themselves to unlock an iPhone or not. BusinessWeek wrote an article too.

I like Google’s perspective, if this rumor is true: open spectrum, open devices, open software.

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