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DRIST: report on their 3rd music album

Did you ever play Guitar Hero on the PS2? If yes, chances are that you played Drist’s songs then. Drist is an amazingly talented alternative rock indie band here in the Bay Area and both myself and JBQ are becoming big fans – fast. Listen at their songs at their page on MySpace. I love their cover of Depeche Mode’s “Stripped” too, I believe that it’s much better than the original. But their new stuff sound even better.

I met the band on Saturday and we shot an interview about their new upcoming album. They were very kind to also let me include parts of 3 of their brand new songs in the video.

This is my first “as professional as it can be” video I have ever shot. However, there were hurdles on the way. You will see some washed out footage during the picture slide-show, a bug either belonging to my video editor or to the Huffyuv codec or the x264 encoder (I will have to investigate this further — edit: fixed). Also, I need to find a way to transform the recorded audio from mono to stereo (I have very little experience with audio as I always remove it from my videos). I used an external clip-on-shirt mic in order to make the interview parts more professionally-audible, but most such mics are mono… (edit: fixed)

I would really, REALLY, appreciate it if you check it out and leave a comment. This is my first serious video work I’ve done, so I’d love some feedback. Thanks.

Here is a better quality version of the video, iPhone/PSP-sized (75 MBs).