OSNews Vs Metallica

We watched the “Some kind of Monster” Metallica documentary on Friday night. The 5 people “starring” in it just reminded me of us, our team of tech journalists at OSNews.

The singer James is Adam. Always taking life easy, being a bit liberal on ideas too.
Guitarist Kirk’s Thom. He doesn’t talk a lot, he just does the job he has to do and he is easy going.
Phil, the therapist, is David. He’s there to make sure everything goes as planned, and cleverly takes everyone’s place in internal disputes. 😉
Bob, the audio console/producer guy is our admin Jon. He’s there when you need him, administrating everything.

And I am Lars, the drummer. Perfectionist. Getting pissed off very easily and asks too much from the rest. A real prick.

I didn’t like Lars.


Ivan wrote on August 27th, 2007 at 11:18 PM PST:

Eugenia, I watched that documentary a while ago, and I have a slightly different interpretation. Lars and James are geniuses and best friends. Up to then, they ‘ve lead an adolescent life, but without being aware of it, they have shifted into adult responsibilities (keeping a family, being at the center of a whole industry …). Phil, the hired therapist, is the impersonification of corporate powers (’they’ put him there), and he manages to make Lars and James hate each other, rather than bringing them closer…
But matters are even more complex: James is heavily addicted to alcohol, which is a whole other theme in itself.
Seems to me James and Lars are, between them, both are bipolar: both manic and depressed. When they are in synch, it’s fabulous, when they are not, they’d kill one another. For bipolar men, 40 seems to be critical age. Unfortunately, some of them literally don’t survive and commit suicide, like my best friend who died on October 5th 2006.
You’re no Lars, you’re Eugenia, and many people like you, so why don’t you start liking yourself a little bit more? I took a look at your recent picture, and the ‘good’ one from 2000. Well, I like both, so why can’t you?

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on August 27th, 2007 at 11:19 PM PST:

You misunderstood my post. My post was not about being 1:1 same persons as the people in the documentary. I don’t drink alcohol for example, neither I do drugs, neither I like the kind of art Lars likes.

My post was about the *relationships* shown on the documentary between the 5 main characters (in face value mode), and how that relates to us at OSNews.

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