Archive for August 25th, 2007

Too much work for JBQ

My JBQ is working way too hard again. I hope things will get better soon. He’s so absorbed into work that sometimes I feel that I have access only to his RSS and not the whole content… I am worried about him.

OSNews Vs Metallica

We watched the “Some kind of Monster” Metallica documentary on Friday night. The 5 people “starring” in it just reminded me of us, our team of tech journalists at OSNews.

The singer James is Adam. Always taking life easy, being a bit liberal on ideas too.
Guitarist Kirk’s Thom. He doesn’t talk a lot, he just does the job he has to do and he is easy going.
Phil, the therapist, is David. He’s there to make sure everything goes as planned, and cleverly takes everyone’s place in internal disputes. 😉
Bob, the audio console/producer guy is our admin Jon. He’s there when you need him, administrating everything.

And I am Lars, the drummer. Perfectionist. Getting pissed off very easily and asks too much from the rest. A real prick.

I didn’t like Lars.