Ukiah vacations

We had some good time at Ukiah, in northern California, this weekend. The place felt like being pretty “hippy” in nature and we liked it so much that we even thought of buying a house there. There was also a local band competition on the weekend and so we got our dose of live rock music too. This guy was amazing btw and I am going to be interviewing him soon.

On the not so bright points, we had no AT&T signal at all. Apparently AT&T has no cells in there and so they are leasing bandwidth from the local Edge Wireless company. Problem is that GPRS won’t work, pre-paid users are denied access to the antenna, and contract users will have to always dial the area code before they can use the network.

While we were coming back, I lost a unique opportunity to capture one of the best shots one could have of the Golden Gate bridge. While driving on it, we should have removed our Camaro’s top window so I can hold the camera outside of the car, looking upwards. And then shoot the actual towers: one was in the sun, and the other one was completely into fog and looked very otherwordly. We live close to the bridge, but we don’t go to the San Francisco City a lot, much less driving on the bridge. And we usually use our Ford Focus too which doesn’t have a top window to remove.

Anyways, I shot this video of the Golden Gate bridge with clouds fast passing by. Right-click to download the 8 MB 720p video. It’s in WMV format because none of my h.264 efforts worked. Long story, I spent 4 hours with the bloody thing trying to encode it correctly, but no cake.

Update: At last, an h.264 version of the 16x-sped-up video, in full 1080p or in iPhone/PSP format.

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