The other side of abuse

“Madonna is reported to have started injecting herself with vitamins to boost her energy levels. The singer, who turns 49 on Thursday, is said to have surprised passengers on a recent flight from New York to London by injecting herself with a vitamin shot in her arm. Nutritionists said that such a drastic practice could have potentially harmful long-term effects on her health. […] It is understood that Madonna was injecting herself with B6 and B12 vitamins to boost her energy”, writes

This is the other side of “drug” use. And that’s not the only thing that Madonna overdoes. According to a physician’s opinion in a UK magazine 2 months ago, she is addicted to endorphins that are released after many hours in the gym (she spends 4 hours a day, everyday, in various gyms and that almost cost her marriage recently). Madonna does not smoke or drink much anymore, and she is against recreational drugs. But what she does with these injections, gym and her crazy macrobiotic diet (I hope that she doesn’t impose this to her children), she is not far off a “junkie” either.

For the 1000th time I will have to write this in this blog: Παν μέτρον άριστον (”all good things in moderation”).

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