Great monitor on sale

For those who either do HD video editing, or they mostly watch TV on or next to their computer, this monitor is one of the best purchases one can make right now.

It is a 24″ 1920×1080 monitor selling for $399 after rebate. So far nothing special. The special treatment is all the extra TV-related ports it has: HDMI, S-Video and Component! It has no TV tuner, but it is perfect if you want to use the same monitor as TV-via-cable-box or plain PC monitor, and even more perfect if you are doing video work and you need to test the gamma values of your video via a component or S-Video signal. Using an HDMI switcher you can even connect the monitor to two of your graphics card’s DVI ports (via a DVI-to-HDMI cable), or one VGA and one DVI, or S-Video/Component out — depending what your graphics card supports.

And of course, the full 1080p resolution makes it great for 1:1 video zoom which results in better 1080p video quality. This is the cheapest solution today for 1080p testing with general usage also in mind. Two functionalities in one at a respectable price point.

I don’t work for Westinghouse or Newegg btw. But I salivate over that product. :D

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