Stanford University

A view of the Stanford campgrounds at Palo Alto, CA, USA. We spent about an hour there yesterday with JBQ and on the way back we stopped at Suraj, an Indian restaurant with lovely lamb dishes, for dinner.

Video shot with a Canon HV20 HD camcorder, a fluid tripod head, an ND-6 filter, a polarizer and Tiffen’s “soft” HDTV/FX-3 filter at 1/60 shutter speed but with variable exposure & aperture settings. 720p HD version of the video available here (”save as” link, 180 MB), or view it via Flash video below.

The video portion is licensed under the Creative Commons ‘Attribution’ 3.0 License. Feel free to chop, remix and re-use the visuals the way you want to as long as the copyright is kept intact and credit is given where is due. However, the audio portion of the video (song “Meant to Be” from the album “Woods of Chaos”) was used after specifically receiving permission by its artist, Rob Costlow. To license Rob’s beautiful music please check or Magnatune.

Update: Of course, that’s “Stanford Campus”. not campground. :P

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