Firefox + Quicktime crash

Quicktime’s browser plugin does not play nice with the current nVidia’s drivers (the standalone player works fine). It crashes the browser when the video is displaying on the secondary monitor. You have to go Quicktime’s prefs and disable “enable directdraw to secondary monitor” to avoid the crash (which will of course degrade performance). The bug does not happen with ATi drivers and cards, but it does with nVidia ones. I tried re-installing QuickTime to no avail. On the other hand, ATi has different problems with dual monitor setups (Joost and other apps that use overlays go berzerk sometimes for example when you move them to the secondary monitor while active, and iTunes video playback gets unbearably slow).

Μπρος γκρεμός και πίσω ρέμα.

So, to fix the crash you must go to Quicktime’s Edit/ Preferences/ Quicktime Preferences/ Advanced and disable either the “Enable DirectDraw on Secondary Monitors”, or if that doesn’t work, select “Safe Mode (GDI only).

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