Gadgets, more gadgets!

The 500 GB WD HDD arrived today. The additional 2 GB RAM and Vegas MVP 8 should arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait to upgrade my PC.

I am also expecting an nVidia GeForce 8600GTS 256 MB PCI-e card, to replace my ATi Radeon X100 128 MB PCI-e card. While I don’t play any 3D games, the 86xx cards supports PureVideo HD v2.0 (as opposed to v1.0) which can playback 1080p video by offloading the CPU completely, which makes it ideal for HD multimedia on a not-so-modern PC like mine (3 Ghz P4). So far, the PureVideo HD driver only exists for Vista, but the XP version will be available this summer. The only downside on XP is that the app must have support for the PureVideo API in order to take advantage of it, while on Vista everything is done via DirectX 10 and all apps can take advantage of it almost automatically. Vegas does not support any GL cards like the Quadros, so the PureVideo series is the best way to go in my case. More over, this card is much cheaper than the recent Quadro series and Vegas requires a minimum of a DX9c card). Except its dual-DVI ports it also comes with an S-Video/HD-out port which is very important to test videos while working on the NLE. I already learned my lesson two weeks ago, when video looked fine on the computer screen but was way too dark in our HDTV. I totally see myself with two LCD monitors (like I have now), plus a connected small HDTV next to them for video testing. Kinda like this or this.

In other news, I found out this app today: Magix Movie Edit Pro 12. It’s a very nice app! It is iMovie/iDVD on steroids, and then some. It’s half the price than Ulead/Pinnacle/PremiereLE/Vegas, it has more features than at least Ulead, it has a very sane and beautiful interface and overall, I find this app to be almost perfect. Well, almost. I posted on their forum some feature requests.

Finally, I am getting the 52mm HDTV/FX-3 filter from Tiffen soon. This filter makes camcorder video look like it’s “film” rather than “cheap ass video”. It encompasses diffusion and contrast attributes and I can’t wait to test it.

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