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My beloved JBQ bought for me –and arrived today– a fluid tripod head, filters and 52mm adapters for my Canon HV20. Next, we need to get a few more filters, a mic-to-line-in adapter, and the wide angle lens. Isn’t that romantic? :)

In the meantime, Sony Vegas 7 and its book arrived today, while I am still reading through the Rebel DV bible and “how to shoot a music video” Vegas tutorial. By the end of July, I should be the master of film making (not really).

I am also trying to setup a date for Dan Dennedy (the primary DV Linux developer, known for DVGrab, MLT framework and Kino video editor) to come over and test my Canon HV20 so he can add HDV support for Linux (currently, there is none). Dan only lives 25 minutes away, and it would be very cool to meet him.

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Richard wrote on June 23rd, 2007 at 6:16 AM PST:

“add HDV support for Linux” is quite a broad Task, IMHO. ;-)

But I guess you refer to grabbing of hdv, which some people already managed to do on Linux, but I’m not sure about the state of these efforts, so it’s good to see something moving forward. :-)

And at would be cool if you could make some “linux-playable” sample clips available, I would be especially interested an this “24f inside a 60i stream”, feature as I’d like to have a try at creating a little tool to do the pulldown.


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