Trac and Wikis suck

I can’t deal with software web sites that are using Wikis, and especially Trac, as their *main* pages. It’s impossible to find fast what you are looking for. For example, here I go to that site, and I want to check some screenshots. Good luck. I really can’t follow the logic of wikis because there is no tree-structure (e.g. Support -> Downloads -> Patch).

Wikipedia and Lostpedia are easier to use because each of their pages belong to a different topic altogether, and so Searching for something specific will land you to the right thing. But most sites that use Wikis, and *especially* this bloody thing that I can’t stand for not even 1 second, Trac, miserably fail. I much prefer a more traditional, simple web site, with the menu items on the side or on the top. Surely not as interactive or easy to build, but damn, so much easier to use.

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