YouTube update

YouTube has updated their site tonight with a somewhat new user interface. While seeking problems remain, the most welcome new feature is that now you can get in and out of fullscreen mode without having to restart your video. However, don’t be fooled by the bigger video window on the new pages. You see, now the video size in windowed mode is 480×362 instead of the old size of 450×338.

Unfortunately though, they still use a 320×240 version as the source video and then they resize on the fly during playback, so in reality all you are going to get is more artifacts, not a better quality. Nevertheless, it’s amazing how you can fool your less technically inclined readers that you now feature “a bigger video window” implying that quality will be better, while it won’t. As long as YouTube still re-encodes in QVGA mode during upload, the output quality won’t be better when resizing. The only positive point about moving to 480 pixels wide is that it’s 1/2 more than the original 320 pixels (so that would be 160×3=480), and that’s a cleaner number for the Flash algorithm to work and offer better resizing quality.

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