The 18 hours of 24 (with ads removed)

It seems that FOX got back a bit of what it deserves this season (for canceling shows so easily). You see, just days after the disappointing “24″ finale ratings and the president of FOX admitting that “24″ sucked this season (sorry storm!), now the “24″ movie that was in the works got canned. The bad turn is pretty normal actually, for a show that’s been running for 6 seasons already, but what really makes me laugh in a mean way, is the fact that FOX already paid Kiefer Sutherland 30 million dollars last year for the next 3 seasons (10 mil per season). So, even if they wanted to cancel “24″ this year, they can’t! They already paid for Jack Bauer’s highly professional espionage and operative services, and trust me, you don’t want to cross Jack!

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