Star Wars review by someone who never seen it before

Editor Tony Long never saw Star Wars, and when he recently sat down to actually watch it, he said that Star Wars had bad writing and bad acting and that “[while] I can understand the pop culture ripple effect from this movie, I will never understand the flood.

The reason Mr Long can’t understand the “flood” is because he sees Star Wars as a movie and not what it really is: a fairytale. Star Wars is today’s Iliad (in terms of entertainment, not literature value). Just like back in the 8th Century BCE people would be flocking around Homer or his subsequent Iliad narrators to listen to the work describing one big war with love, death, betrayal & Gods, same way today Star Wars makes millions out of cinema and DVD sales.

Star Wars is a fairytale with knights, princesses, wizards & magical creatures. It’s set in a galaxy far-far away, but the core of the story, is medieval through and through. It’s the perfect story, as entertainment stories are concerned. And so it is utterly successful, especially among young men.

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