Save Blake! Vote for Jordin!

The final of “American Idol” is this coming week. Do Blake Lewis a favor and vote for his competitor, Jordin Sparks! Ok, let me explain myself now.

The fact is that Blake Lewis is one of the worst *singers* in the competition. However, he is the biggest talent of all. You see, while he doesn’t have the voice to compete against Jordin, Melinda or Lakisha or even Phil Stacey, he has the rest of the package that the rest don’t have. He is an artist, not a singer. Blake acts, does voices, writes music, produces music, dances, beatboxes and sings (not so well). In other words, Blake is the best bang for the buck for a label (think “Madonna”). And he is good looking too, which is apparently important these days.

Jordin on the other side can’t do anything well other that simply sing well and look pretty on camera. She was awarded by God, erm, I mean Darwin, this beautiful strong voice. She could be a new Whitney Houston if the right songs are *given* to her. You see, she can’t read or write music, her career would simply depend on the good intentions of her label to promote her or not.

And this is where the trick is. If Blake wins American Idol, he will be forced to accept the “winning” contract that he has already pre-signed with that shark-turned-producer guy that created “American Idol”. It is well-established that the winning contract is nothing but prison. The winning artist is 100% used by the label that sponsors “American Idol” and is manipulated to the extreme. There is no artistic freedom or high profits from that contract (that’s the same producer who created some boy bands — the same popular boy band members who could not even afford to buy a car after having worked their ass off for 4 years!).

If Blake wins, this will be the end of him as an artist and as a professional. Blake on-purpose took big risks in previous sessions by choosing less popular songs/arrangements just so he shows off to OTHER labels that he’s got the real deal as an overall artist rather than just being simply a singer. There is no doubt that he would easily get a better contract with another label. Unfortunately for him, he is too pretty and so little girls kept voting for him. And so here he is, in the final of American Idol.

Do Blake a favor and vote for Jordin. I know I will.

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Trent J. Townsend wrote on May 19th, 2007 at 9:55 AM PST:

Ugh. Maybe its a girl thing, I dunno. Melinda should have won. /cry

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on May 19th, 2007 at 10:19 AM PST:

Melinda was the most consistent indeed. She is a real pro. I am sure that she will be able to find good jobs in the future. I am pretty sure that the label behind Idol would want Jordin to win (and make her lose some weight too)…

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