Save the Net Radio

It really bothers me that RIAA is trying to close down so many internet radios. Not because they don’t have their share of rightfulness by doing so (a small portion of what they are trying to do is justified by law), but because the kind of music I listen via the internet is not available for purchase in USA. I mostly listen to’s Eurodance channel. I love most of early ’90s Eurodance because well, that was “my clubbing time”.

I have tried to find such music on iTunes and other online legal services and there isn’t anywhere to be found. iTunes only has 4-5 Eurodance albums all in all, from the few artists that made a small impact at the US charts back then (e.g. Aqua). But real artists, like Ventura, 2-Fabiola, or E-Type are nowhere to be found. Except Europe, Japan and Brazil, no one else listened to that kind of music (Disco 2.0) back then.

So what am I supposed to do? By imposing stiff fees RIAA is trying to kill internet radios and with it genres of music that are extra rare. And that’s the crime!

I am seriously thinking of calling our congressman’s representative about it (even if I can’t vote in US).

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Ludovic Hirlimann wrote on May 4th, 2007 at 6:11 AM PST:

How about being completely legal :
You can’t buy them
You can’t hear them

Download them :-)

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