Regarding Revenge

For those who watched Lost’s first few episodes in Season 1 would remember Saywer’s letter to himself to keep reminding him that he has to kill the person who was ethically responsible for the deaths of his parents when he was a kid.

I confess that something similar happened to myself when I was a kid. There was a person who brought my family in the brink of destruction when I was about 2 years old. His name kept popping up when my parents would keep fighting about it years later. I was about 6 years old when one night I started repeating his/her name in my head over and over and over again. I did that for a few weeks in a row. My goal was to make sure I remember his name so when one day I would be old enough, I would go and talk to that person and explain the pain he/she caused (no, not killing him/her).

But you know, I am not the avenging kind of type. Soon enough his/her name faded away from my memory banks (I don’t remember it anymore) and that was not because I was just a child that I easily forget (the fighting never stopped you see). But instead, I just stopped caring about it and as I grew up I learned to forgive and not to re-open old wounds.

You can surely expect from me huge explosions of anger, but I usually kiss and make up within 30 minutes. Forgiveness is not something my parents understand though. For example, I have forgiven the mother of my ex-ex-fiance for all the pain she caused to both our families, but my parents will never do so. I am happy that I have grown over this behavioral limitation.

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