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The delay of Leopard

Now that Apple has let the cat out of the bag and admitted that Mac OS X Leopard is to be late, people should:
1. Realize that the Mac is not in the center of the Apple business anymore and therefore they should lay off their Mac-centric zealotry.
2. Realize that software slips, it happens, and lay off Microsoft and their late Vista.

In other words, take life as it comes and don’t point fingers to “protect” your Mac, or your Linux or your whatever. Shit happens, deal with it, it has nothing to do with Apple, or Microsoft or Red Hat being “evil” or “incompetent”. It just has to do with business and circumstances so there is no reason to be a zealot about anything. Live a balanced, objective life.


This is a great snack, especially if you are… poor (although it’s good for everybody). Lots of energy, cheap ingredients. At least once a week we would have tiganites at my home in Greece when I was a kid. Love them! You can also listen on how they are pronounced here.

Ingredients (for 2)
* half a cup of warm water
* 1/3 cup of white flour
* some feta cheese
* olive oil
* salt

1. In a bowl pour the water and a bit of salt.
2. Add the flour and using a whisk keep beating it until the batter becomes smooth. The batter must not be too soft, neither too concentrated, so add either water or flour until you get the ideal balance.
3. Crumble the feta cheese in small-ish pieces and add it to the batter.


4. In a frying pan, add quite some olive oil. Let it be real hot before you fry anything.
5. Using a table spoon get some of the batter and pour it into the frying pan. Do the same until the frying pan doesn’t fit any more of these butter drops, although the drops are far apart enough so each one holds its own.
6. Turn the tiganites once or twice, and remove from the pan until both sides are golden brown and cooked through (there is a major difference in taste if they are not well-cooked).
7. Place the tiganites in a plate and if you still have some batter left, add some olive oil again and fry the rest.
8. When all done, you can eat them hot or cold. Some people add sugar on top of the tiganites while hot, they indeed taste very good with sugar too.


Note: A more complicated and less-traditional recipe version is here.

Oh, the irony

What happened to me just 15 minutes ago is extremely ironic. Here is the chronology of events (note: the server time that this blog is hosted at is 1 hour off):

10:30 AM PST: I read that Mark Shuttleworth announced a yet another Ubuntu flavor, this one focuses only on Free software.
11:10 AM PST: I send an email to Mark to tell him that what he does by allowing many projects to use the Ubuntu name (instead of only focusing on Ubuntu and Ubuntu Server) is bad marketing as it confuses new users, fragments their own market share and creates more bugs. (Mark replies that he prefers Ubuntu to be an umbrella project).
1:05 PM PST: I call my brother. He tells me that someone gave him an old PC to play around. Our conversation:
Me: Put Ubuntu in there. The new version comes out in a week from now.
Teo: Kubuntu? I heard of this.
Me: I said “Ubuntu”, not “Kubuntu”.
Teo: What’s the difference? I am sure we are talking about the same thing.
Me: They are not the same exactly. They use different graphical interfaces.
Teo: I don’t know what you are talking about.

I found validation in my claims in less than 2 hours. I think that “Ubuntu as a brand name and product” would be more successful if there was a streamline clear-cut product rather than an umbrella of other projects that confuse potential new users. I mean, without focus you can’t solve bug #1.

I hate prop errors

I really hate them. Look at the CGI island below that was shown in the 3×01 episode of “Lost”. The camp of the others (the “barracks”) is said many times to be in the “north of the island”. We see that the plane is cut in two above the barracks. It is safe to assume that the part that falls down to the ground first, is the tail section (because it has no wings). However, on the second season episode “The hunting party” Sawyer clearly states that when he returned with the tail section survivors the sea was on HIS left. This puts the tail section survivors on the LEFT of the map below, and the mid-section survivors on the right. The problem with this is though that while it took a couple of days for Ethan Rom to approach the mid-section survivors (as he was closer to them according to the map), it only took Goodwin a few MOMENTS to get there in time. There are no roads or helicopters that we know in the island, which makes it impossible for Goodwin to get there so far so fast. Even taking a boat would have taken a lot of time to go and get it and sail.

Other prop errors:
* In the map above there is no lake, river or sea close to the Barracks. And yet, Locke and others were able to get to the submarine very fast. We were led to believe that the submarine is “close” to the barracks.
* The caves are only about a mile away from the beach. It is said that the Swan Station is only about 2 miles away from it too. However, Locke and Boone were in the island searching for Claire for hours before they found the hatch. They can’t just be only a mile apart from the caves. They were either very lazy, or very slow-walking.
* And the last one: we all know that the graves are on the right side of the beach, and yet, on last night’s episode, Hurley noded that Ethan was burried on the left of the beach.
Update: One more: When Juliet gets Rachel’s cancer papers, the sex in the paper reads “male” instead of “female”. Jeez! And no, this is not part of the mythology, it’s an error.

Producers, get it right damn it.

[Below are potential spoilers, don’t read if you are sensitive about spoilers]

As for the season’s finale, we know that there is a major death coming. The producers have let us believe that Charlie will die, and even the actor said that he was asked to not work next year, but in my opinion, that’s all part of the game, smoke in our eyes. I believe that the character that will die is Sawyer. That’s why he is getting “all nice” lately and very obviously in love with Kate (and he has a sex scene with her in an upcoming episode too). The viewers are very much emotionally invested in him lately, so the shock will be much greater when he dies in the season’s finale. Besides, I know for a fact that Josh Holloway is not very happy with getting typecasted with the role of Saywer (he unhappily said that the new job offers he got are all Saywer-like) and so he might have wanted out months ago already. Of course, that’s just my theory, I have no solid information about this. I would much prefer Charlie to die as I don’t like his character much, but as the pessimist that I am, I think Saywer is a goner.

Marcin at the comment section said it very well: “Claire won’t die. She’s got unresolved issues too – for instance her being Jack’s sister and Christian’s daughter. Jack, Locke, Kate are still very much conflicted inside and on the edge, there’s a long way ahead of them. I think Ben and Juliet are quite safe because the whole “Others” storyline circulates around them. That leaves Sawyer and Charlie on the battleground, but Charlie is too obvious a choice.”

Clever guy.