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Differences in food culture

After my initial post on how different cultures consume food, here is one more interesting one. French (on days that they don’t work that is) won’t eat the same food for lunch and dinner. In Greece, when we cook, we cook for the whole day. E.g. if the dish of the day is lentils, then we usually cook enough food for both lunch and dinner. In France (and on many other countries), this would be considered “leftovers”. Possibly, one of the reasons is that many of the French dishes must be eaten freshly cooked, while the Greek cousine which consists mostly of baked dishes and beans, it is easier to reheat, hense it has resulted in this cultural difference over the years.

Other differences:
– In Greek salads people are eating from the same plate that sits in the middle of the table, while in French salads you move the bowl around and each person is taking a piece of the salad on their own plate and eats it from there.
– If a food is difficult to eat with fork and knife, we are not afraid to use our hands to break bones and “free” the meat from these difficult to reach places. The French will simply not eat that part of the meat instead of using their hands. French only use their hands for meat from small birds and crab legs.
– We eat the fat out of let’s say, a lamb chop. Many French people will cut the fat out and only eat the actual meat.