A ‘Lost’ observation

I started re-watching the season 1 of “Lost” on the DVD and I realized something. Some of the episodes in season 1 are fillers too (although they didn’t feel like that when I watched them for the first time). They are episodes that are slow to move on with the main story. And yet, we never “felt” that season 1 was “bad” as season 3 seems to be. This made me realize that the quality of the show hasn’t really change, what has changed is our perception for it because we get no answers. After 3 years of Lost, we still don’t know what really is going on. This has driven a lot of people unhappy with the show, and this is why they are less tolerant towards “filler” episodes than in the past (and that includes myself too).

On the bright side, it’s good to know that the producers are caring for their male population with handcuffed women in mud. :P

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mikesum32 wrote on April 7th, 2007 at 1:59 AM PST:

Handcuffed women in mud is good in all, but I like the brain too.

I was at a book store on near the other side of my state and heard a girl talking about how she would talk to some person if he was on the server more often. Then she mentioned her laptop blue-screening, needing more ram and World of Warcraft. It was almost too difficult to drag myself away. It’s not to be, she’s too far away. :-(

The barrier stops the smoke monster, but couldn’t the smoke monster just fly over it, or does whatever energy field the fence produces effect the monster at greater distances ? I think I found a plot hole. Locke, WTF ? Where the heck did his bio-dad come from ? Why did the smoke monster flash lights ? Juliet knew to cover her eyes. I’m thinking Prey, only better.

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