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Don’t feed the ducks or the homeless

And then people tell me that *my* ideas are removing freedoms from people. Look at this, it seems that in Orlando you can’t feed the homeless. You are expected to pass them by and ignore them. If Orlando (and the rest of US, including the full-of-homeless people San Francisco) does not want us to feed them, then they should move their asses and provide a solution for them.

While there are few homeless in Athens, Greece, in the last few years after the mass immigration of Albanians and Kurds, generally-speaking Greece does not have a homeless problem. How is it possible the rich USA can’t deal with its own shit (and yet sustain billion dollar wars) and the poor Greece can?

One of the reasons I don’t go to downtown San Francisco very often is the homeless. They break my heart.

Creating the cheapest Mac ever

A few days ago I was thinking that the AppleTV is just a PC on a diet and for the price it comes at ($299) it means that the MacMini can be easily sold by Apple at $499 instead of the current price of $599. I was not wrong, as others are trying to create a Mac out of the AppleTV. Except the combo drive ($20), the extra RAM ($20), Bluetooth ($5) and the better CPU (+$50), everything else is pretty much the same between the MacMini and the AppleTV (the price between a 40GB and a 60GB disk is less than $5 for example). Once upon a time the MacMini used to cost $499 and the iBook $999, but after the jump to Intel sales were going good for Apple, so they seized the opportunity to make an extra buck (or a hundred).

Fat, fat, fat…

According to this chart, no matter if I live a US lifestyle or a Greek one, I am destined to be fat.

Yes, that’s an excuse. ;-)

A ‘Lost’ observation

I started re-watching the season 1 of “Lost” on the DVD and I realized something. Some of the episodes in season 1 are fillers too (although they didn’t feel like that when I watched them for the first time). They are episodes that are slow to move on with the main story. And yet, we never “felt” that season 1 was “bad” as season 3 seems to be. This made me realize that the quality of the show hasn’t really change, what has changed is our perception for it because we get no answers. After 3 years of Lost, we still don’t know what really is going on. This has driven a lot of people unhappy with the show, and this is why they are less tolerant towards “filler” episodes than in the past (and that includes myself too).

On the bright side, it’s good to know that the producers are caring for their male population with handcuffed women in mud. :P