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There was that show on tonight, “CSI: Miami”. There you have that guy murdered. Then, the suspicion goes to his wife. But wait! Apparently the wife has a twin sister. Could she be the murderer? Oh, wait! The dead husband actually is not the husband, but a look-alike who went surgical procedure to look like him. But wait, while they were interviewing the real husband, just out of the blue the detective spots a body in the dirt. The murderer of that body is the husband’s aid, but this murder has nothing to do with the main assassination — it’s just a filler. And finally wait! There is a third sister! They’re triplets and the husband never knew about it. Neither the triplets knew of the look alike of the husband.

Are the writers even serious? This show is so stupid, so laughable. What bugs me really is the fact that CSI:Miami is always #1 in its timeslot every Monday with about 16 to 22 million viewers each week. How is it possible for people to watch that crap? I mean, look, such a scenario is more plausible than the scenario of Lost or Heroes. But man, this supposed to be a somewhat realistic detective show, not sci-fi.

Is Hollywood out of ideas? Better do some remakes then.


christerman wrote on March 21st, 2007 at 3:54 AM PST:

Perhaps you should watch more Frontline or other non-fiction documentarys. Are any of the shows on TV “plausible”? Do you know anyone who has conversations with real people that sound anything like the ones you hear on a sitcom? Suspension of belief is a pre-requisite to being able to enjoy modern TV.

OK, so the plot was lame. So what? The whole reason they did this episode was to showcase the Dahm triplets of Playboy fame. One of them married Dr. Phil’s son. Gee, let’s see. How can I help my daughter-in-law? Maybe I can find her and her sisters a gig on network TV. I’ll give Jerry a call, see what we can do.

In the case of CSI Miami generally, what makes it work for me is the whole over-the-top approach. There is no aspect of the show that is subtle or matches real life They could easily re-name the show “Cleave SI Miami”. Not that I am complaining. Please. If I am ever interogated by a female detective, I hope they park their rack on the table like those girls do! Do you imagine there are police officers/coroners/Internal affairs people anywhere who look like these people? I also especially like how they can run DNA in minutes no matter what source of their sample. Or when they run someone’s prints or other evidence tying them to an investigation, they magically are able to produce these people for questioning within minutes. How about that no matter who they call on their cell phones, they are always able to connect and get an answer in less than 5 seconds? If anyone acutally spoke like Detective Cain, he would be the laughing stock of his entire department!

Another aspect of the show that qualifies it for the eye-candy label is the “look” of the show. Saturated colors are everywhere. In HD, the show on my 120″ screen is dazzling. This was clearly their intent as in contrast, CSI NY was originally shot in dark tones of blue and gray in keeping with the character of the New York urban experience with bad weather in winter etc. The ratings for this show suffered, and as a result, the look has been changed to a more dynamic look.

You ask how it is possible for people to watch this crap. You have to look no further than the first name in the closing credits: Jerry Bruckheimer. Like him or not, the man has the gift. All the CSI shows, Amazing Race, Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the list is e

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Eugenia wrote on March 21st, 2007 at 5:07 AM PST:

While CSI:Miami indeed looks good in HD, I just don’t like the premise of the story (boring) and that episode was just stupid. That’s all I have to say about it.

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