The case of the PPC ROM images

For years now XDA-Developers had an FTP site setup where people would upload their ROM images of their phones to share with others. This was a very popular and useful service, because as some people were buying their phones months after some others, they had a better chance of getting an updated firmware with their phone. And hence, they shared their bug-fixed version of firmware with others. This was mostly true for HTC-manufactured phones.

Now, the FTP site was taken down by Microsoft’s lawyers. I am personally not happy about this because these phones are not supported by their OEM anymore (in my case, QTek). There are no official web sites where customers can get the latest and greatest ROM upgrades to fix their problems. Usually, cellphones have less than 1 year of software update support from these OEMs!

The only thing an active user can now do to get updated is keep buying new cellphones each year in order to be ahead of the game in terms of software support! This simply sucks!

Because the carriers don’t want it to, the phone market does not resemble the PC clone market where a single Windows copy must support all PCs that ever walked the earth. But the point is that users need to have more value out of the device they just purchased. I mean, it’s just not fair to have a brand new smartphone and not get a good support cycle with new Windows versions for up 2-3 years. This will put a stop in the amount of new models released, but you know, that’s a good thing for the consumer. Just not as good for the manufacturer.

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