N800’s FM Radio and Fergie

Heh, what do you know? Just like the Nokia 770 with its initially non-announced hardware feature of having a microphone on board, the N800 actually has an FM radio! Apparently the radio application leaked from someone at Nokia and now everyone is raving about it in the Maemo-related forums. It even has applet support so you can tune in and control the radio right from the main screen of the device.

I was testing the capability and so I was tuned into a random local station. They were playing rap/hip-hop music and as I am not into this kind of music at all I was not paying much attention… But then a song with an extremely sweet melody came around and I got hooked on it immediately. A bit of googling around revealed that the artist is called Fergie, she is an ex-BlackEyedPeas member, and the song is called “Glamorous”. This is the 3rd single from her first solo album but the video is brand new although already posted on YouTube. I found a few more samples of her music on YouTube, and I liked what I heard. Her album “The Dutchess” will probably be the first hip-hop/R&B CD album we will ever buy in this house in our next Amazon shopping spree.

The song has very nice lyrics that she obviously wrote them herself (she co-wrote and co-produced her album, so she is not just a pretty face/voice):

I got problems up to here,
I got people in my ear,
telling me these crazy things that I don’t wanna know (Fuck ya’ll),
I got money in the bank and I’d really like to thank,
all them fans I’d like thank, thank you really though,
cause I remember yesterday when I dreamt about the days when I’d rock on MTV, that’d be really dope
Damn, it’s been a long road and the industry is cold
I’m glad my daddy told me so, he let his daughter know.


KCorax wrote on February 8th, 2007 at 5:06 AM PST:

Considering the quality of the lyrics I think she’s indeed just a pretty face.

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on February 8th, 2007 at 8:43 AM PST:

I think that the lyrics are very nice. The song does feel that was written by her, from her heart.

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