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Sunday lunch

We had an amazing feast for our Sunday lunch. We bought some [more] cook books yesterday (I think I got over 10,000-15,000 recipes now) and we tried two of them today.

For the main plate we had a lasagna-like recipe that consists of chunks of cooked turkey and ricotta but no tomato sauce. You spread the mix in the lasagna pasta and then you roll each one. Then, you prepare a mustard-based besamel with swiss cheese and you spread on top. Then, you bake for 30 minutes. My JBQ loved it.

For desert, I prepared some sweet crepes with a special sauce that’s made of brown sugar, orange juice, pineapple and orange chunks. At the top you sprinkle almonds and coconut threads. JBQ said that this was the best dessert he had for a long time. :)

sweet crepes

God damn pervs

Blogsome gives you referral statistics for your blog, and one of these stats is Yahoo! and Google search terms that end up the visitor to your pages. The page that was suggested from Google was this one, but the actual term the person search for was this:

porno kid mother

God damn it, there are a lot of sick people out there.