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Best VoIP SIP wireless devices

Here is a list of the best wireless mobile devices that you can use today with most SIP services out there:

0. Nokia N80 Internet Edition (just make sure you get the Internet Edition)
1. Nokia E61 after upgraded to its v3.03.x firmware
2. Nokia N770 or N800 with the Gizmo client
3. Any Win2003+ Wi-Fi PocketPC with 400 Mhz CPU with SJPhone client
4. Palm Lifedrive with Articulation client
5. Nokia E60 and E70 *if* Nokia updates their firmware to the v3.03.x version any time soon

Nokia N800 is here

Nokia sent me this morning a N800 Internet Tablet (Fedex woke me up from dreaming of Steve Jobs again — it was a nightmare btw). OSNews review is up. Additionally, there is a possibility that I will be exchanging my old PDA for a (locked) Blackberry 8700c. Good times, good times…

Product placement in shows

Anyone saw the video recording camera they used on “24″ in the scene where Buchanan is interogating Al-Assad? It was a Nokia N93 phone on a mini-tripod, similar to the one used to shoot this videoclip. My problem with the scene was that the shot was 0.5 seconds long and very fuzzy. Nokia paid for the item to be shown on “24″, and except from the viewers who really know the product inside out, I don’t think that anyone else would be able to notice it at all. While it probably cost Nokia less than $250 to place their product on the show, the point remains, I don’t think that they made their money back with that short and fuzzy shot. Apple on the other hand, they had two clear shots: the president’s laptop was a Macbook Pro, and Chloe’s monitor was a Cinema Display.