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Zeus makes a comeback in Greece

“A clutch of modern pagans honored Zeus at a 1,800-year-old temple in the heart of Athens on Sunday — the first known ceremony of its kind held there since the ancient Greek religion was outlawed by the Roman Empire in the fourth century.”

How more stupid people can get? This is a good example of how love for your country goes bad. There is a reason why these pagans are actually educated people. Educated people can see that the modern Greece has nothing to show for itself compared to the old Greece. And because they can’t do anything to fix it, they turn to –foolishly– into the ancient higher powers to bring them hope. In light of this news all I see is people who feel betrayed by modern Greece. But they should get out of it and get a life.

The Colossus of Rhodes

If I had the money and resources the Colossus of Rhodes would be the only one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world that I would re-erect. Could bring lots of tourism in Greece. I am watching a documentary about it as I write this and I think there are a few ways to make that statue more interesting than the original: amazing lights at night, a beacon on his right hand that burns in the day and lits bright light at night etc. It would sit near the port, but not directly at it.

Update:After its destruction from natural forces an oracle said that the statue should never be rebuilt“. Ah, crap. There go my plans…