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Oooh, another dream!

Oh, boy, do I get weird dreams or what! I was back at my high school (I wish)! But instead of doing normal school stuff, we were under a Google-sponsored programme where we would learn more about programming and then the best 2 of each class would get a job at Google.

The thing was, Steve Jobs was our teacher for 1 hour per week. He was teaching us history of computers and all-around tech knowledge. I wasn’t gonna let go of this. I wanted to impress him and get the best scores he could possible give. I would be the know-it-all girl, but I would also try to play on his pet peeves. For example, Steve was showing us his Nokia N93 smartphone and he would switch the screen on landscape and portrait and ask us what is wrong with what we are seeing. Of course, I would reply that the UI is not resolution-independent and that the widgets don’t align right etc etc. It was easy to impress Steve. ;-)

After that, I somehow got re-united with some old Greek friends of mine. I told them that Steve Jobs is one of our teachers. And they replied “who? who’s that?”. Yup, that was enough to squash my excitement and even wake me up. Thanks for ruining it guys.

UPDATE: A few online friends responded to my dream above via IM and they all replied the same: “yeah, weird“. Now that I think about it though, it’s actually not a weird dream at all. It is exactly as it should have been.

You see, I always wanted to study programming after finishing high-school, but my mother insisted I should become a nurse. I paid dearly for following her decision in many ways. In fact, because I became a nurse and then ran away from it in a very questionable way, I pretty much broke my family apart. My father will never recover from the “shame” I brought to the family (like a true Klingon…).

Then, the “impress Steve Jobs” dream bit is simply my uphill battle to validate myself, succeed and prove wrong my family and friends who had me written off. IMO, I did pretty well studying, later working in tech firms in UK, but the journalistic stuff brought me quite some recognition. I have met important people through my work (Jobs, Torvalds etc), my name is recognized in many Silicon Valley companies (not always in a positive way of course — remember, I am infamous, not famous) etc. But only after I started writing for a popular Greek magazine my mother would accept the fact that I did worthwhile things in my new life and that I have something to show for it. Not to boast, but hey, I am proud for the things I worked for in the last 6 years.

Still, most of my “friends” don’t have a clue about all that. For them, I am still someone who “got married to a French man and who she now lives in America”. Hence, the last bit in my dream about my friends not having a clue who Steve Jobs is.

It’s good to see that this time around my subconscious used a symbolic dream that does make sense instead of messing around with me as it has done so in the past.