The next big thing in VoIP business is SIP2Skype

There are over 50 million SIP users today. This is the open protocol that it’s widely adopted by the tech industry; it’s a hit in the Enterprise market too. Well, bad luck for SIP and its divided & semi-incompatible community, because Skype has 136 million registered users. Skype is the natural choice for desktop users today.

The next big idea for a startup is to try to bridge the two different services (at least one-way). The idea is this: they register a domain name (e.g. and they install a SIP server in there. In the meantime, their engineers are reverse engineering Skype’s protocol by creating a library that is able to place a call to the Skype network and hang up correctly. The startup must create about 100 Skype accounts (”lines”), and then change their Alias skype names on demand via their library, so when a SIP client is connected to the Skype network, his name is changing on the Skype side (so the Skype user can recognize the SIP caller). Then, they tunnel all this to Skype and they make it work with their SIP server. Then, they let any SIP user to use their SIP server for free: each time a SIP user dials with his SIP client, they will be automatically ringing on a Skype handset/client!

Of course, Skype Ltd might not like this, because right now SIP is their big enemy. But they don’t seem to bother by other SIP-2-skype solutions like this one (the problem with this solution is that the skype user must have this utility installed, otherwise they can’t get called by SIP users). Another idea would be to give Skype a share of your profits so they don’t disable your ~100 accounts. When a SIP user is trying to connect to a Skype user, you play to them a 15 sec ad before you connect them. That’s how you make money. IMHO, there is a big market for it. There are many forum posts online about people trying to call Skype to Gizmo and the other way around… But of course, it requires some strong brains to reverse engineer Skype. If you don’t have the brains, find the money from a VC and license the damn thing.

Ok, time to go grill some lamb chops for dinner. L8r.

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