The new phones

The reviews of my two new (cheap) phones will go live early January, but I must write that I am impressed by the LG U8500 phone. It is a leaps and bounds ahead of the over-hyped LG Chocolate (GSM) that I reviewed last month (I still can’t believe that I wasted my month’s free gadget allowance to get this p-o-s). Its UI is more mature and most importantly for me, its web browser (latest Obigo version) rocks. Very nicely done little browser.

The other cheap phone I got was the Motorla SLVR L7. Some UI improvements over my old MOT-E398, but not as good as the new KRZR’s UI which also has a less-bad MiB browser in it (supports bg colors on table cells now among other improvements) and AA fonts. For example the L7 fails to render this mobile page while the older MiB browser version and the newer one manage it fine. UPDATE: Apparently the web browser runs out of memory on pages with more than 5-6 KBs of text (very poor).

One thing that really caught my eye though is that its lowly VGA camera is able to “see” extremely well in the dark. Where expensive cell cameras fail to produce clear pictures on low light conditions without using a flashlight, the L7’s VGA camera does well, without even enabling its “night mode”. Of course quality remains just as bad as any other VGA camera, but at least it’s good in the dark.

BTW, anyone’s interested in an almost-new LG Chocolate KG800 phone? I sell it cheap. ;-)

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