Christmas presents

My beloved husband got for me two presents tonight, one for Christmas and one for my name day (24th of December is the St Eugenia day for the Christian Orthodox).

So I got a leather office chair (the one I am currently using is very old and it’s losing pieces) with some massage programs in it. Too bad that we paid the full price though ($130) as we later found out that their online store has a $40 off currently on that model.

We also got a lightweight DirtDevil vacuum cleaner. I already have a full-upright very powerful one, but I can’t easily move it around. Each time I am to use it to clean up the house, I feel like I just finished an 8-hour mining work. So I thought this time I should get a lightweight one, see if it can be managed easier… Who knows… maybe I will vacuum the house more now. :P

I still haven’t found a present for my JBQ though. We looked around for a Nintendo Wii or a PS3, but these are nowhere to be found…

Update: Damn it, the chair’s box has two right arms. JBQ assembled most of it before he realized that… >:(

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mikesum32 wrote on December 17th, 2006 at 11:15 AM PST:

You might be able to go back and get the differnce refunded if it’s before 30 days.

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