Mobile break down

I did a bit of research this morning at OSNews’ mobile statistics to see what kind of breakdown we are having in the 2500 non-desktop page views we get daily.

About 50% are cellphones (including Treo and PocketPC smartphones)
About 25% are text-mode browsers (e.g. Lynx, Elinks etc)
About 18% are PDA-only devices (e.g. Zaurus, Palm, PocketPCs etc)
About 7% are embedded devices (TV browsers, gaming consoles, N770 etc)

The most popular mobile browser is Opera Mini. WindowCE’s Internet Explorer is a close second, while Openwave’s “UP.Browser” browser is a distant third with the Blackberry browser being very close to it.

It’s actually very interesting to see that in the past few months there is a spike of Blackberry users on OSNews, something that wasn’t so in the past. Either many US companies simply bought Blackberrys to their technical staff, or OSNews’ content has attracted more managerial types of readers recently rather than technical.

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Shawn McCollum wrote on December 13th, 2006 at 8:43 AM PST:

I’ve noticed an upswing in blackberry usage but based on the ip address’s they seem to be coming from mobile search engines mimicing the user agent string. Yahoo inserts YahooSeeker into the string but some others appear to be indexers based on the way they hit my site.

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