Star Wars TV Series

I somehow ended up in a page today with information about the upcoming Star Wars TV series that it’s supposed to air sometime between 2008 and 2010. Lucas said the plot will be steered by characters such as Tie-Fighter or Rebel pilots, most only briefly glimpsed in the six “Star Wars” films and the series will take place in the 18 years between Episodes III and IV (hopefully 5 years after Episode III, which is when the Rebel Alliance supposedly first grew big).

I think they are going in the right direction. Only element that’s missing is the Jedi one. You can’t have Star Wars without 1-2 main Jedi characters in it. My suggestion would be to use a “declined” Jedi, a kinda old person that was thrown out of the Jedi ranks for one reason or another (good example of such a character). A young padawan could be in order too, maybe a Rebel fighter who apparently has his way with the Force, or a teenager — a survivor from the Agricultural Corps planet (young Jedi washouts are sent to the Agricultural Corps where their Force talents are directed to tending sick crops rather than protecting peace and justice). Even Obi-Wan Kenobi was at the Agricultural Corps planet for a few years before finally Qui-Gon Jinn took him as a padawan. Basically, instead of using established Jedi Knights (who are supposed to be all dead at this point in time), the series could use padawan washouts and old failed Jedis, to illustrate that particular dark era of the SW universe. The hope must mostly come from the Rebel Alliance and their efforts instead.

Having said that, I think they could use Darth Vader’s character a few times throughout the series, as it’s easy to portray him under a mask and to do the voice over with voice actors & computer software (to match the original voice of James Earl Jones). At the very end of the series, I would actually kill off the old Jedi and depending on the storyline maybe the padawan too (making space for Luke Skywalker on Episode IV).

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