Regarding gaming console web browsers

It’s really a difficult choice to decide if I want to offer the mobile version or the full desktop version of OSNews to console users. You see, all new gaming consoles come with a full web browser now. Problem is, you can’t know if the user uses HDTV or SDTV — the resolution information is not recorded in the ‘user agent’. If the user uses plain SD, it makes sense to serve the mobile version, but if the user uses HD, depending on his TV’s screen size, it might make sense to serve the full desktop version.

I guess this is something I will have to test first myself after we manage to buy a Wii or a PS3. Twice we got to Fry’s to get a Wii, and twice we failed to find one (supposedly only PS3 had shortages). For PS3, here is its ‘user agent’ btw according to a Japanese web site: Mozilla/5.0 (PLAYSTATION 3; 1.00)

If you have a Wii or an Xbox360 or a Sony Mylo or an Archos 604-Wifi, please visit this page with their browsers and email me their ‘user agents’ displayed in that page. Thanks.

Update: Found Wii’s UA: Opera/9.00 (Nintendo Wii; U; ; 1038-58; Wii Shop Channel/1.0; en) and XBox’s UA just has the word “xbox” in it, so it’s easy to autodetect. I still need the UA info for Mylo and Archos though. These two devices both run Opera Mobile, but Opera’s marketing people that I am in contact with are useless for this kind of information.

Update 2: Mylo’s user agent is: Opera/8.02 (Qt embedded; Linux armv4ll; U) [ja] SONY/COM1

Update 3: Archos 604-wifi’s user agent is: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; GOGI; Linux armv5tejl) Opera 8.5

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