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Some more X-Files and other stuff

I finished today watching the last episode of “The X-Files” and so I have some more thoughts on the series. I had seen most of these “mytharc” episodes in the past, but that was years ago, so I needed to refresh my memory.

Basically, seasons 7-8 were a bit weak and season 9 sucked. No wonder it was canceled with fewer than 6-7 million viewers per week, down 5 millions compared to previous seasons.

The creators were correct to create a new mytharc on Season 8, the super soldiers, to better suit the new character, Agent Doggett. There were problems though: the story was too unbelievable (the way these creatures were born and ‘fix’ themselves), laughable storylines (why did the super soldiers didn’t kill or take the baby when it was born? Mulder died and then resurrected, come oooon!), we had no in-depth insights of the global situation or who was really in charge anymore, and even worse, it was too much about Scully’s baby (”my baby, my baby…” – enough already). From all the abductee-created babies in the globe, it was Scully’s the one that would save or codemn the world. Hogwash, it became too much of a soap opera complicating an already weak storyline at the end. The quality of the show just wasn’t the same anymore. The creators should not put the blame to the FOX Network, but to themselves alone.

To make matters worse, in the producer and writer’s interview at the end of the DVDs it was said that if there was season 10, there would be no alien mytharc anymore and the series would become more detective-like, trying to explain more about Doggett’s child death a few years back. In other words, X-Files would have lost its most important element. Thank God it got cancelled.

However, I still maintain the opinion that two movies could be created to give a happy ending to the X-Files, because the current ending is way too depressing (although definitely realistic and pragmatic). An idea could be that Mulder and others would make a special agreement with the rebel aliens to try to eliminate once and for all the super soldiers and the alien plans to colonize Earth. Eventually, they would “sour the milk” for the black oil-infected aliens to want to colonize earth and would make them leave. For the time being. I think that this could be a plausible scenario, because the creators never explored the rebel aliens properly and the actual war between the several alien races — it always felt like a distant happening. If the creators pick a non-alien movie scenario, the movies would be doomed in the box office. Nobody cares about the ‘monster of the week’.

On other news, we watched Madonna’s “Confessions tour” tonight on NBC. Very nice show, although 2-3 songs from the concert were not included in the broadcast. Additionally, NBC censored half of her “Live to tell” performance from fear from some Christian groups. One of the NBC affiliates in Tennessee did not broadcast the concert at all as they found it inappropriate…

JBQ had a great lunch at Google’s campus today. Some of our Google/Apple/other friends are coming over for ThanksGiving dinner tonight. I am torned between mash potatoes and rice to accompany the turkey and the Greek salad.