USB 2.0 woes

For those who remember my woes with USB and WinXP on this Dell PC… Apparently only USB 2.0 hubs have the problem. If I use a USB 1.1 hub or connect the device directly there are no problems. I tried 3 different USB 2.0 hubs with external power and without with the same result: most USB devices won’t work with them.

The problem started only a few months ago (I have this PC for almost 2 years now), so I am pretty sure it’s either a third party driver problem or it could be a voltage problem in the motherboard. I am just so lazy to re-install XP. So much data that I need to re-install and take care of, it’s just not fun.

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Adam wrote on November 2nd, 2006 at 2:13 AM PST:

If it’s a driver or motherboard issue, why would you rebuild? That won’t help.

Anyway — didn’t you JUST TELL ME that you never need to reinstall XP?? :)

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Eugenia wrote on November 2nd, 2006 at 7:08 AM PST:

As I said many times Adam, XP is very stable. My previous machine has XP installed for 4 years now. This is way longer than any other OS I ever had. This Dell machine is a bit less fortunate for some reason (it could be a hardware problem after all), but it still has survived just fine for 2 years now — and it has survived better than my Arch Linux main installation. So no, normally, you don’t need to reinstall XP. XP *is* very stable. And the problem I am experiencing is not XP’s fault. It’s either a hardware issue, or a THIRD party driver’s. Third party driver fuckups can happen on ANY OS. Buggy kernel drivers are always dangerous.

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