Greece Still Having Trouble Figuring Out The Internet

Oh boy.

?a ????a µa?, ta ????a µa?.

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pixie wrote on October 30th, 2006 at 10:13 AM PST:

??µaste ??t?? t?s? p?s? a??µ?!???????µe µe ???µ??? ?e???a? a??? ?a??te?a a??? pa?? p?t? de? ???e;?at? e??a? ?a? a?t?.

Andreas wrote on October 30th, 2006 at 11:07 AM PST:

?p?????? ?a? ??p??a ?a?? ??a. ???a? p??? e??a????t??? ? a?t?d?as? t?? e?????? bloggers. ?? pe??ss?te??? ap? eµ?? ?ata??e??aµe µe s?et??? post t? ?e?????, a?eß?saµe µp??e? d?aµa?t???a? ?a? ste??aµe emails se ???a??sµ??? ?p?? ? rsf ?a? t? eff.

?e? ???? p?s? s??t?µa ?a t??p?p????e? ? ??µ??es?a ??a ?a ap?f????µe t?t??a s?µß??ta, ? pa?ap??? ?µ?? a?t?d?as? e?p??? p?? ?a d?µ??????se? µ?a atµ?sfa??a p?? ?a ap??a????e? pa??µ????? µ???t??, ?a ap?f????µe d??. de facto pa??µ??e? ?atast?se?? st? µ?????.

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