Mobile MPD

For the last few days I am toying with the idea of creating a web-based MPD front-end for cellphones and PDAs. This is one case of a user interface where frames are absolutely needed (example). Aside of the problem that some devices won’t support in-browsing mp3 playback (in the best case they might launch the device’s media player), the frames are an even bigger problem, because half of these browsers don’t support frames at all and the other half don’t respect the frame’s requested size and so the “music control” frame just won’t render correctly.

This is a good example of a web-based non-Ajax interface that simply can’t be translated into a good mobile browser experience today.

I guess compromises could be made, e.g. to select the playlists/albums before starting the player and then only have the ability to play these pre-determined songs and only be able to forward 1 or 2 songs each time from the playlist window (no frames). It won’t be as satisfactory as a real full-featured MPD client, but on some browsers and some mobile platforms it might just make the cut. IE on PocketPC, Opera Mobile (not Opera Mini), and WebKit on Symbian S60 might be the best candidates for compatibility. Not sure if Netfront/Blazer would work — depends how it was configured for each of its ports. I wouldn’t hold my breath for all the rest of the mobile browsers/platforms.

Update: It would have to look something like this:

Mobile MPD mockup

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