My TV habits

When I first moved to USA in 2001 (from UK) after getting married, I was barely watching TV. Maybe about 2 hours per week (usually “ST:Enterprise” and maybe “The Simpsons”). But as the years went by and the US law didn’t allow me to work, TV became a way to escape the boredom. These days, I watch the following shows (evenings only, I never watch TV during the day):

Prison Break
Heroes (first half of the year only)
24 (second half of the year only)
Medium (occassionally)

Eureka (occassionally)


Ugly Betty

Battlestar Galactica
Atlantis (occassionally)

The 4400 (during summer only)

In addition to that, I always check what’s on History Channel, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, Discovery Times and National Geographic Channel every night. Finally, the TV is usually ON during Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien on weekdays, but I don’t really “watch”, it’s just ON in the background as I am usually busy with my laptop at the time.

Overall, that’s about 15-20 hours of TV time per week during season-time and about 5 hours per week during Summer. I don’t plan to watch more than that, but I don’t plan to reduce it either. These are good shows and I see no reason why to not watch some TV in the evening while I have nothing better to do. JBQ comes back from work so tired every night that “going out”, or “playing a board game” is usually out of the question. So after I am lovingly cooking some dinner, TV it is.

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spk wrote on October 19th, 2006 at 7:11 AM PST:

I gave up on ‘Lost’ after the plot devolved into a situation where an outsider to the *group* was captured and locked in a small room and tortured in order to ascertain whether or not his story was true or not. It looked to me like it was being represented as a reasonable thing to do. Which I found disgusting.

Currently, I am watching ‘The Wire’ which is excellent. Often it is nice to just watch a TV show for the purposes of escape. This show is different, though, it forces one to pay attention and at the same time rewards us for that effort. Also, I appreciate not being preached to in stark moral terms of good and evil.

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Eugenia wrote on October 19th, 2006 at 9:02 AM PST:

I still like Lost, but that 3rd episode last night was completely useless regarding the whole arc story. Mr Eko was mauled by a bear. What a useless story.

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