Jay Leno rules

I have written in the past that I much prefer Jay Leno to Letterman. Jay is really funny. Today I found some youtube videos of Jay’s appearances on Letterman’s show in the 1984-86 era. He stole the show, literally! You see, Leno was hired in early ’90s to do “The Tonight Show” and this is where their long friendship started to crack, because eventually Leno won the viewership in the 11:30 PM timeslot with over 5 million viewers per night over Letterman’s 4 millions (broadcasting at the same time on different channels).

I loved how Leno commented in 1985 about some news of that time regarding censorship of violence on TV and movies. He very rightfully said that the most violent form shown on TV is cartoons. I find myself in full agreement. “Why is it so funny to stick a dynamite under a dog’s tail and see its eyes come out while exploding?”

You should also watch Leno’s “Headlines” (samples: 1, 2). These are my favorite part of Leno’s show, featured every Monday. Two particular headlines come to mind: “Comdom found in a bag of nuts” and “Woman called police to report that two men were cutting down her marijuana plants“.

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