Living in paradise

In the 1920s the US and German governments did a worldwide test about the best climates in the world (in terms of how a human would like living with it throughout the year). They found that Redwood City’s climate was one of the best 3 in the world. Redwood City is just a few miles south from where we live, Foster City.

If that same test was to be conducted again, they would probably find Foster City having an even better yearly climate, maybe even the best in the world (remember that in Bay Area there are micro-climates, just a few miles apart and you will find yourself in a different climate!). The reason why Foster City was not listed in that Government Test back then is because the City did not exist at the time. Foster City was built in the ’60s, it’s a brand new, modern town.

It is never too hot or too cold here, not even during Summer and Winter and it rains very few times a year (although it doesn’t feel dry at all). Green is everywhere, the sea is next to us, and we are located perfectly: we have the Pacific on the west, San Francisco City in the north, San Jose (the heart of the Silicon Vallley) in the south and Oakland in the north east. No matter where we decide to go we are always close because we are right in the middle of all the important places! And the SFO airport is just 15 minutes north. Overall, we are much better situated compared to the very expensive Palo Alto, where all the multi-millionaires of the Silicon Valley are living in. Foster City is not very cheap though, so only educated and professional people are living around resulting in crime being close to zero.

I hope our Green Card application clears up soon, so we can buy a house over here, before the territory becomes a second Palo Alto in terms of house rates. Besides, why would we ever wanna go back in the cold of North Europe or the scortching heat of Southern Europe or the unpredictable weather in East USA? It is really like living in paradise over here, and no, I don’t make this up. If I had to change one thing though, that would be better public transportation (which sucks over here in USA).

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