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SciFi Channel Becomes SurgeTV

This is just sad. SciFi Channel now changed its name to SurgeTV (update: apparently false info) and has changed its focus from sci-fi to mostly crappy entertainment of “Catch/Kats” wrestling. Sorry, I just don’t find wrestling entertaining. I find it stupid.

And while I am not a huge fan of any of their original scifi series (I watch Eureka some times though, when I don’t forget about it), I must say that I felt bad that they announced that they will axing Stargate SG-1 after having advertised so heavily its 200th episode. For a month now they were going on and on and on about the 200th episode, it aired on Friday, and on Monday morning they announced that the series is over (obviously a decision that was taken long before it got announced). In other words, SciFi Channel “played” the fans of Stargate SG-1.

Even with their crappy and cheap scifi series, it was an oasis for anyone who is a geek. But now, there is no such geek channel on the US TV. As Zonk on Slashdot very well wrote: “The market is now wide open for a ‘real’ nerd network.” Like the great arm chair CEO that I am, I would put such a great line up! From good scifi original series, to documentaries, to many older Scifi series that SciFiChannel never aired, to computer games and industry news…