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Polygamists’ children rally for their families

“Calling their lives blessed, more than a dozen young women and girls from polygamist families in Utah spoke at a rally Saturday, calling for a change in state laws and the right to live their life and religion.”

Personally I do not agree with polygamy. While humans are by nature polygamists, from the moment you decide to actually get married, you should do it with one person only. You can’t create something beautiful and unique if you have to share yourself within 2 and 3 or 4 partners.

I could never, ever, share my JBQ with someone else. I would walk away (without a fight) if another woman was brought to our lives. I like exclusivity. And I much dislike most women anyway.

Sleep paralysis and alien abductions

I was watching a documentary about alien abductions in the Discovery Channel this evening and they explained the phenomena by citing “sleep paralysis“. This kind of abnormal state is known to many cultures under different names. In the middle ages they would say that a demon or a witch was sitting on the stomach of people while sleeping and wouldn’t let them move. In the part of Greece I am from the old ladies are calling it “mora” (in greek: µώρα). Supposedly, it’s a black heavy thing that’s sitting on top of you, you can’t shake it away and you can’t breath. My mother had the experience once, years ago (around 1986 if I remember correctly).

While I am not a (strong) supporter of the alien abduction theory, I must say that the sleep paralysis explanation is not always the best one. On all cultures that identify sleep paralysis one way or another, they always describe the same experience: a thing or creature sitting on top or next to you for a few seconds before you regain control of your movement and breath. But in the alien abduction cases things are much more complicated than this: the subject is moving through walls and in the air, transported in a spaceship and gets undergone all sorts of medical painful exams for hours. The subject can’t move, but he can breath without a problem. And in some cases they can see other humans there too. Obviously, this is not the same thing…

However, the two problems I have with the alien abduction theory are:
1. It’s not proven that hypnosis can recover true memories. This would be so easy to prove (you just need one subject and two hypnotists, one creating the forgotten memory and the other one retrieving it), and yet no one did such an experiement. This is why I even emailed… the Mythbusters last year about it, but no luck with them either. Carrying out such an easy experiement could put lots of doubts to rest…
2. Why is it mostly Americans who think they’re abducted? What’s so special about them? It’s kinda funny actually…

Sanyo Katana browser screenshot

Our friend Michael Oryl of MobileBurn just published his Sanyo Katana phone review and posted a picture of how its Netfront 3.1 renders OSNews. Thanks Michael!