The RaZR browser disaster, Part II

As I wrote yesterday, I don’t understand why people buy Motorola feature phones. The latest blunder in their MiB browser is the fact that if you have a <center> attribute, it won’t take into account any tables in it. From the validation HTML point of view, this makes sense. Problem is, in practice legacy wins over validation rules. Other browsers don’t support DIV alignments and so the old, now deprecatted, <center> attribute is the only way out to be compatible across the board.

Anyways, I went on and fixed that, just to do the favor to MiB. But when the <center> attribute was removed and the table was finally rendered as requested by the code, a new problem arose. It seems that the engineers who configure the Motorola 176×220 phones leave the browser font settings to be the same as the ones in their 240×320 phones. This means that the font size used by default on 176×220 phones is huge! Even the softbuttons (which usually use big fonts) have smaller font size than the in-browser font!

So, which version do I leave on? The ugly, fading, “oh, I am dying” version, or the “look how big I am, I am going to eat you” version? With Motorola, you always have to pick your poison.

As always, many thanks to Michael from MobileBurn for taking the time testing this for me.

MOTOKRZR K1 browser

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