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WWDC, Gnomefiles

So, Vincent and I went to WWDC today, it was pretty cool. I got to see my friend Vince, book author and OSX instructor Aaron Hillegass and Bruce Hammond of Gobe Productive fame.

Some thoughts on the stuff announced:
* The Mac Pros and Xserves are da bombs! Really nice machines, powerful and even affordable!
* Except the “top secret” features that were not announced and Time Machine, the rest of the features were simply evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Time Machine can prove very useful though.
* iChat would have been more useful if there was full ICQ, MSN, Y! support (text, audio and video) and VoIP SIP functionality, rather than useless flashy toys like “backdrops”.
* Spaces is not as “new” as Apple wants us to think. They are just virtual desktops in shiny clothes.
* Apple is now showing off SPEC benchmarks to showcase how fast Intel CPUs are, while in their PPC-past they wouldn’t touch them.
* There was not a “oh, one more thing” in the presentation. Jobs didn’t even mention OSX Server which has some quite good new features and could have fill up the void left behind!
* Both myself, Vincent and the people I spoke to they all left the keynote a bit underwelmed. We expected one big new thing that didn’t arrive. We expected something unexpected. But we only got exactly what we were expecting. ;-)
* Web Clips should have been pretty easy to implement for Apple. You just create a new WebKit instance inside a widget, you choose a specific part of a webpage to show up, you “lock” it so the user can’t scroll to it, and that’s it. The full web page is loaded, even if the system gives the impression that only a part of it is.
* I was right to wait for 64bit cpus before I get a new Mac. OSX now supports full 64bit apps. I can’t wait for their laptops to get the Core2 Duos so I can pick up one immediately.
* Steve Jobs seems to have lost lots of weight…

UPDATE: Wired has an editorial on the keynote. I am in 100% agreement with that journalist. I felt the exact same way about everything he discusses.

On the Gnomefiles front Adam did some great job adding friendly URLs to! Thanks Adam!